Discover 5 Intriguing Facts About Timeless Glass Neon Signs

There are many things we enjoy about neon signs. However, most people don’t know the way they function. Sign makers use blowtorches and heat to bend the glass tubes into colorful shapes. To ensure that things are fun and informative, we brushed up on our facts -and we’re sharing the top five of them below.

1. Neon is French

Georges Claude, an engineer from France, French engineer created neon lighting around 1902. He was the owner of an air liquefaction firm and was the first person to pass an electrical current through neon gas in a sealed tube. This set off the chain reaction to produce the reddish-orange light. After some adjustments and advances in science, neon discharge tubes were sold to the general public and it was the beginning of the end, as they say.

2. Handcrafted Neon Signs

Most neon signs you see are hand-made. It takes a lot of experience, precision, and coordination to bend the glass tubes to fit the layout. The glass is prone to breaking and cracking if handled correctly. Although neon signs vary in appearance and color, however, the process of making their appearance has remained the same since the start of their development.

3. Neon light bulbs can cut through the fog

What happens if you’re at the airport and fog is a problem? Neon signs may be used for advertising or fun however they can also be efficient when it is foggy. Indeed neon lights are frequently employed in airports to ensure the safety of aircraft and keep hazardous areas well-lit. The hope is that you will never need it to illuminate your way, but the reality is that neon signs are awesome to have just in case you happen to be hundreds of feet high in the air.

4. Neon Signs are sculpted

Every neon sign starts as straight lines. The process is brought to life through the intense heat generated by the four-foot-long neon tubes. With a set of meticulous movements and an incredibly accurate sense of timing, the maker of neon signs bends each section of glass tubing according to specifications. Making neon signs is a process of experimentation. Try your hand at creating something special and unique.

5. Neon Signs are Bright

The majority of neon signs are easily recognized at night or even during the daytime. This is due to an energetic transfer of energy that happens during the time of production. Similar to a game of bowling, electrical currents strike the gas atoms that are inert with electrons knocking the atoms out of their orbits. The electrons clash with free electrons and send them back toward the atoms. As the electrons begin to absorb into the atoms, energy is released in the form of light!

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