Glowing Through Time: Tracing the Origins of Neon Signs

Since the 1960s in the 1960s, neon signs have become a very popular medium for business promotion. Custom neon signs are used as signs and advertisements due to their attractiveness. But, they can be utilized for other purposes.

From the simplest display of “Open” custom neon signs to the flashing lighting of Las Vegas, neon signs can make a significant impact on the business.

Neon Signs’ History

Before neon was discovered in the early 1900s, the story of neon signs started. Heinrich Geissler, a German physicist who was also a glassblower, began to study a tube that contained rarefied gases in 1855. The tube was filled with gas and was exposed to low pressure. An electrical voltage was applied. The gas started to glow. This resulted in the neon signals we are now able to recognize.

After discovering neon gas within the Geissler tubes, British scientists William Ramsay (British) and Morris W. Travers (American) would be able to discover it for the first time in 1898. However, Georges Claude, a French engineer, would not introduce neon signs to America until 1923.

Outdoor advertising quickly adopted neon lighting. The neon lighting’s attention-grabbing glow quickly spread throughout the United States. The neon lights illuminated America’s highways and diners used almost all of the time. Because of its popularity neon signs are now more affordable and accessible for small businesses across America.

New York City and Las Vegas were two of the major cities that made use of this technology and illuminated their streets with illuminated custom neon signs. The high visibility of neon made it extremely popular with advertisers who were looking for an affordable medium that caught the eye of everyone who laid eyes on it.

The Advantages of Neon Signs

  • High Visibility – Custom neon signs are great for new or small-sized businesses that need to make their signage stand out from the rest.
  • Bring your evening to life by putting up custom neon signs – These neon signs can be seen 24/7. This sign is ideal for businesses that provide late-night meal delivery or other services.
  • It helps conserve energy. neon lights are extremely energy efficient. Neon lighting could save 50% – 60% of energy in comparison to conventional lighting.
  • Long Lasting – Well-constructed neon signs have always had a long shelf life. The lifespan of a neon sign is from ten to twelve years.
  • It is Suitable for Use Anywhere If you have the right marketing strategy Neon signs can be used anyplace at your workplace because they are safe to be used in both outdoor and indoor environments.

What is the reason for Bartush?

Although the high visibility factor of neon has made it extremely popular, it’s difficult to work with, and many business owners have trouble finding a manufacturer that has the experience and skills to meet their high standards. At Bartush, we are the experts in neon.

Bartush is among the very only handful of custom neon sign makers in the industry that is capable of producing the high-quality neon signs that your company deserves. Bartush has been in business for more than 75 years. Our skilled craftsmen are experienced in the use of neon. We provide a full service. Bartush has the experience to assist you with any design needs. Once you’ve finalized your idea with our team, we’ll put it up to ensure that your signs will last.

If you’re interested in lighting your business’s image with bold, bright neon signs, get in touch with us now. We’ll be glad to assist you with the process.

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