Maximizing the Durability of Your Neon Signs: An Informative Guide

Companies looking for an innovative method to advertise their services or products are attracted to neon signs. But how long can a neon sign last? And what kind of maintenance are they required? For more information, check out the post by Orant Neon below!

1. How long do you have to leave a neon sign on?

LED Neon signs are extremely popular due to their bright colors and eye-catching designs. They’re often used to advertise the business and to draw attention to special events. How long do you put an illuminated sign on? To learn more about the length of time that neon sign last, read on!

1.1 Led signs

LED lights have a 50,000-hour continuous use rating. If a failure occurs in the course of the transformer or circuit board, and if it does occur after the warranty has expired and a replacement that is reasonably priced can be found. LEDs cannot be replaced after their useful life ends, unlike Glass Neon.

1.2 Glass neon

Glass neon signs can be used continuously for 75,000 hours. They are able to be re-gassed once they have been utilized (filled with new gas). Your Glass Neon sign will last many years If you take good care of it. Signs made of glass are more expensive than LED signs.

2. Factors that affect the durability of neon signs

There are several aspects that affect the longevity of a neon sign like the quality of the material used, the sign’s installation, and the conditions under which the sign is operated. In this article, we’ll explore each of these factors and how they impact the life span of a neon sign.

2.1 Transformer Life

The neon sign transformer you choose to use will last between 8 and 15 years. How frequently and how efficiently you utilize your neon sign transformer can affect the numbers. A sign that is placed in a room will last longer than one that is placed outside.

How long a neon sign last depends on the life of the transformer

If placed outdoors and exposed to the sun, transformers may be damaged which means they will not last as long as indoor signs.

2.2 Function

An LED neon sign that is in contact with the incorrect power source can quickly become damaged. The life span of neon lights that flash will be reduced by using the wrong power source.

2.3 Tube Life

Glass tubes that emit light typically last between 8 and 15 years. It’s possible to have a good return on your investment when it’s properly maintained and placed in a suitable condition. Coatings can last between seven and ten years depending on the type of use of the signs.

2.4 Power Supply

The duration of time that the sign stays up can also be affected by problems with the power supply being unstable. The installer should be informed of this prior to installing the sign. The system is of top quality if it’s manufactured by a reliable neon sign maker.

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3. What can you do to prolong the lifespan of your neon light bulbs?

These are some easy ways to prolong the life expectancy of your neon sign.

  • It is recommended to turn the sign off once it has been used for more than 24hrs. This allows the light bulb as well as the transformer (for LED signposts), to rest from being used for too long.
  • If they allow it, you can dim neon signs for a time.
  • Clean dust around signs frequently. If they are not kept clean the signs can be damaged by dirt. to fade.
  • It is crucial to disconnect neon signs daily, as this can cause wear and wear and tear.
  • Regular maintenance of neon signs.
  • Our objective is to offer top-quality products for the lowest price.
  • Outdoor and indoor signs come with a guarantee of 24 months to cover any defect.
  • Orant Neon offers contemporary neon flex technology, which is more durable and lighter than traditional glass neon.
  • Their LED neon lights are economical and eco-friendly due to their energy-efficient design and their lifespan of more than 100,000 hours.
  • Orant Neon uses heatless light tubes with no broken or damaged glass to make our custom neon signs.

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