Illuminate Your World: 12 Impressive Advantages of LED Neon Signage for Businesses and Homes

Light advertising, or neon signs, is a tried and tested, effective way to raise awareness of a particular product or service. This kind of advertisement has been used for more than a hundred years. The latest advances in technology for illuminated advertising have allowed it to make major technological advancements. The latest innovation in this field is LED signage. This article will discuss 12 reasons why LED neon signs are superior to traditional glass neon lighting.

A longer lifespan

As compared to traditional neon light, LED neon has a much longer life span. The typical lifespan of LED signs is approximately 50 000 hours. If you divide the hours by the hours of your daily use, you might find that under certain circumstances the LED neons need only replacing every 34 years. That is indeed an almost unbeatable advantage compared with traditional glass signage. It is recommended to check the packaging to find out the precise life expectancy.

Low energy consumption

Modern LED lamps boast a luminous efficiency of 80-100 lm/W (lumens/watt). High-power LEDs produce over 300 lm per watt. Compared halogen lamps deliver just 12 lm per W.

The LED technology’s high efficiency implies that energy consumption is 6-8 times less than glass signs. This reduces the power expense considerably.

No fires

Due to their efficiency, LEDs produce much less heat loss than glass. You should avoid touching glass since it could heat up. LED neon signs, however, are only slightly warm. Thus, there isn’t any chance of getting burned.

High Impact Resistance

Glass lighting systems are prone to shocks. In addition, LED signs are more durable in severe conditions, are impervious to vibrations, and are generally water-resistant. The latter is dependent on how it was designed. This is an advantage for neon signs set on the outside.

With LED signages there isn’t a delay switch.

LED signs are extremely bright and last for a long time.

Bright and eye-catching

Its striking brightness is what makes LEDs different from other signs. The technology creates intense but bright lighting. This allows you to discern signs from afar away. With their bright brightness, they stand out. They’re not just brilliant. You can still see LEDs in the sun. This makes it easy to recognize an LED neon sign’s logo or -writing no matter the time.

LED signs are characterized by a captivating appearance, a way to impress customers

Signs made of fluorescent light can be difficult to maintain. At times, these signs appear that it is the light or another that requires replacement. Sometimes, lights appear to be less bright than other lights. This could leave a negative impression on your sign and your company. Additionally, your logo and message are hard to comprehend. This issue can be solved by the use of LED lights. This advanced technology ensures that LED signs are more consistent and brighter.

Amazing Color

The selection of LED lights offers a stunning array of colors. LED lights aren’t just ideal for commercial use, but also can be used as decorative lighting for special events, show lighting, wedding lighting, and other functions. With LEDs, it is easy to make any lighting mood without using foils or paints.

LED signs are eco green

LED neon signs consume 20 percent less energy than other signs. This means you will have a stricter energy standard with less strain on the environment. Additionally, the cost of lighting is drastically decreased. Fluorescent lamps release toxic gases such as mercury and argon. Lights from fluorescent bulbs can be difficult to recycle cleanly. LED signs can help to resolve this issue.

In addition, LED neon signs emit less heat than other lighting systems. That means if you’ve got your LED signages inside the building, your rooms do not warm up making them less expensive to charge for air conditioning as well.

Low maintenance

When you take into account the long life span of LEDs, and their consistent effectiveness and brightness it is simple to understand why LED signs require far less maintenance. LEDs are not contaminated by gasses and glass tubes which could break or leak. LEDs are much less difficult to clean. Not having to deal with hot tubes is only one of the advantages. LEDs can be used indoors and outdoors. If you are using them outside they don’t require any security from the weather. If you reside in a very hot or humid area You can purchase waterproof LED signages. The best thing about LED signs is their easy installation.

Signs with thinner edges

Because LED signs don’t have tubes, the signs can be significantly smaller than neon signs.

  • Did you know? A typical neon sign is 3 – 5 inches (ca. 13 cm) thick. Compare that with an LED sign that is just 1 inch (2.54cm) thick.

Smaller sizes result in lower shipping costs, easier installation, and a smaller carbon footprint.

Flexible Signage Options

LEDs are a lot more flexible than neon signs. Everything you can think of can be made with LEDs. Because you don’t have tubes anymore, every light can be programmed separately. This alone can produce stunning animations or color variations. Your LED logo will be as distinctive as your business. Customers who are interested in your business will notice you and your business. You will be noticed and be noticed by the people who pass by. Your customers will be captivated by your message through LEDs

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