Are Neon Led Signs Good?

LED neon signs have been favored over glass neon signs in the debate between LED neon lights and LED neon signs. This is because they are more cost-effective, safer, lighter, portable, customizable, energy efficient, and can be customized to your needs.

Do you need some decorating ideas for a new home? Are you a new business owner looking for something extra? You’re a restaurateur looking to improve the ambiance of the restaurant.

The New Solution for Your Decor Problems

The neon sign has evolved from its traditional light tube form to an LED-based version. Signs used different gases that were then charged with light to make them glow. The unique technology used in LED neon signs is very similar to traditional neon. This technology is much more customizable. It is also environmentally friendly and efficient.

A Look at the Past

Glass signs have a vintage appeal all their own. Glass neon signs are synonymous with nostalgia, especially when we think back to the classic bars and old big apple. Glass neon signs have become ornamental for outdoor spaces. The protection concern is one of the main reasons. The LED neon signs are extremely harmless, meaning that they are free from high-voltage electric charges and are not subject to the use of gas-enclosed gases. They also shine brighter that the regular signs, which is a bonus. Traditional signs are still visible today, but they should be kept to the outside and not be overlooked by people who have a sense of nostalgia.

How are Glass Neon and LED Neon made?

LED signs are much simpler than glass signs. A standard sign has many components. It is made up of glass tubes, electrodes, and an electrical wiring system. The tubes are formed by using an excess heating and cooling system. They then get enclosed by an electrode system and wiring system. A transformer then converts the electric charge into a desired voltage. To produce desired colors, the tubes are filled with various fluorescent gases. The LED signs, on the other hand, are made from acrylic tubes in which the lights are enclosed. They are then mounted to the same backboard.

Why LED signs are better than glass signs

Because they offer many advantages over traditional alternatives, LED signs are becoming more popular every day. In almost all aspects, LED signs are superior to glass signs. These are just a few reasons why LED signs are superior:

Cost LED signs are much cheaper than traditional glass signs. LED neon signs use less material. Traditional neon glass signs are more expensive because they require gas, bending, and fusion. Acrylic is an alternative and cheaper material.

Energy costs: LED signs offer a better option when it comes to energy consumption and conservation. LED signs require a low voltage, around 12V-240V to operate. This reduces energy costs. LED signs consume about 6 to 8 times less energy than glass signs.

Structural integrity: Glass signs tend to be less durable than led signs. While glass tubes are very susceptible to breaking, LED signs made from silicone strips won’t easily break.

Maintenance: Once a problem has been identified, glass signs can be very expensive to repair. It would require either a modification to the electrical system or an adjustment to the internal gases to get the sign back to its original form. It is possible to fix LED signs by simply changing a light strip.

Installation LED signs are easy to install as they only need a plug to connect to a power source. Glass signs, however, require a more complex and precise process. LED signs are also lighter and easier to transport.

Customization: You can have LED signs in one color, such as white, yellow, orange, green, blue, or pink. However, you can also use multiple colors on one sign. You can also choose RGB lights, which allows you to switch between solid colors. Due to the use of gases, glass signs can be made in only one color.

Lifespan LED signs last five times longer than glass signs.

In conclusion

Glass neon signs are a great choice if you want to create a nostalgic atmosphere in your store. Led signs are a great choice for decorating your home, studio, party, or venue.

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