History & Meaning Behind Create Neon Branding!

Create Neon Welcomes 2023 with its New Logo & Look!

Create Neon is a brand with a unique identity. We aim to brighten your spaces and make them more beautiful.
We are proud to announce a refreshed identity for Create Neon today, the second anniversary of Create. It includes a new logo and brighter colors as well as creative fonts. Our updated design will be available on all our social media platforms and our website. Don’t be surprised.

A Brief History of Create Neon

Jordan Christie founded Create Neon in 2020. Jordan is a visual artist. Jordan’s experimental artwork, which incorporated centuries-old neon tube lighting in one of his pieces, was well-received by his family, friends, and mentors. The LED neon lights added energy and excitement to his visual art. He started making neon art for local galleries, and there was no turning back!

Jordan created Create neon to bring the joy and shine of LED neon signs to all people. He trained a group of artists who love to bend neon tubes into creative shapes. Create Neon’s founder believes that everyone should be able to unleash their creativity. That is why he founded this online neon sign company in the USA and later launched a branch in the UK in 2020. Create Neon currently has two websites for the UK and USA. Create Neon employs a team of designers and 24/7 customer support, who will help you create your custom-designed neon sign. The team will create a mockup of your design.

The Evolution Of The Create Neon Logo

Growth is inevitable. As a company, we are making changes to our brand. Our new look is better matched with what we have become since 2020. It’s the easiest platform to bring the joy and shine of LED neon art into everyone’s life with just one button.

The colors of the new logo are the same as the old logo: blue and pink. To bring out the new spirit in the old soul, however, we made our logo’s colors deeper and brighter. To match our services, we changed the theme colors to bright shades. The new logo features different fonts which symbolizes the ‘endless customization’ we offer our customers as they create their personalized neon signs.

Favicon is our website

We love the smile at the top right of the browser tab. It is a good icon. The icon’s sparkling eyes represent the neon spark we want to see in the world. This neon spark brightens your day and makes you smile, just like the smiley that we used. This favicon reminds us of our mission to spread smiles around the world through our beautiful neon signs for sale. You can also design your neon sign using our online maker. We can also upload your ideas via our online form. We will transform your logo into a custom neon sign.

Throw Back to 2020 – What did our old logo say?

We are now ready to map out the next phase of our journey. It is a great time to reflect on how the Create Neon logo was created in 2020, which seems like a long time ago!

This logo was our first logo. Our mission was to bend LED neon signs into the most desirable shapes and characters.

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