A Foolproof Guide to Installing Your LED Neon Sign in Easy Steps

Although LED neon signs are entertaining, some essential tools can help you make the most of your space and save you a significant amount of money. Part-life hack, part-neon signs tutorial, we’re here to provide you with the essential steps required to finish your DIY install – all on your own. This guide will help make any room look bigger no matter if it’s in the hallway, living room, or bedroom. Follow along and then go through your daily chores as the savvy, confident neon sign handyman or woman you’re. The most appealing thing? It provides you with a reason to gather a group of acquaintances and forget about the routine!

Materials: Stud finder, level, pencil, drill measuring tape, screwdriver anchors for drywall (as required), and hanging hardware (provided by Mondo).

1. Location:

Choose where in the room and the height at which you want to hang your personalized neon sign. The optimal level for neon lights hanging on walls, such as paintings or pictures is 57 inches from the ground. Make use of a level to ensure sameness.

2. Anchors

If you are in need, think about using drywall anchors to provide extra structural support. This is contingent on the style of your custom LED sign. For all contour and rectangle backing options, secure the standoffs made of metal to the sign. Before you insert the screws to secure the LED sign, you must place the board against the wall.

3. Drill

Next, drill the pilot holes with your drill. Then, carefully use a screwdriver to drill the screws into the holes in the barrel of every standoff, ensuring all are flush with the wall.

4. Secure

Install the custom-designed neon lights in the space. Attach the sign hardware to the front of the LED neon sign by tightening the inner screws with your fingers. Pay attention to the amount of pressure needed to secure the sign to the wall.

5. Plug-and-play

Connect the power cord to a grounded wall outlet. Attach the cord to the neon sign transformer, and ensure that the LED tubing for the sign is lit up.

6. Finale

And you’re done. So, relax, take in the view, and then relax.

Do you have any suggestions for customizing neon signs? We would love to hear your ideas on Instagram.

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