Bring Customers Back to Your Bar this January with Eye-Catching Neon Signs

As the festive period is over for another year, many hospitality businesses are noticing a decline in patrons. It is likely that you are looking for ways to re-engage customers in January if own a bar. As many people participate in dry January and January is a dry month, this can be a challenging task to time! Sometimes, you need the right advertisement to be in your arsenal.

This is the point at which neon signage for bars enters the picture. This blog post is all about how neon can help get people back into your bar after the festive time is over.

These are three effective ways to accomplish it.

Promote live music at events

Live music is a fantastic way to bring people back to your bar in January! Live music is an excellent method to draw people away from their homes and draw interest. A neon sign is an excellent method to advertise a show in your bar.

Advertising neon is a popular choice. It’s not unusual that neon signs attract to be noticed. Neon signs that advertise live music could be the most effective method to bring returning customers in January.

Speak to local artists or event organizers about putting on a show. Let’s start making your bar look amazing with custom neon signs.

Advertise your latest deals

Another way neon can help attract people back to your business is by promoting your latest offers. If you’re offering any deals for January that can help beat the January blues the neon sign is a great method to promote this. For instance, if you have 20% off some foods or beverages, inform passersby to be aware! They might be enticed by the offer to stop by your bar to explore what you have to offer.

At Neon Creations can either make a neon design from scratch or take a look at the already-built neon we have to buy.

Your logo for your business

Consider displaying your logo in neon so that everyone can see it. This is incredibly effective as it informs passers-by that you’re more than just a bar, but an established bar that will meet their needs.

We can create a personalized design specifically for your business that you can hang up on your window. This is bound to capture your customers’ attention and draw them to come in to have an ice-cold drink or two.

Contact us today if interested in hiring us or creating a neon sign to promote your business. We’d love to help you.

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