Built to Last: Understanding the Durability of LED Neon Signs

Customers have many concerns when buying custom LED Neon signs. They are concerned about how long they will last and whether they can survive where they place it. It’s not worth buying a custom Neon sign if the sign isn’t functional.


NeonExperts can help. The LED Neon is made from a polymer tubing that we have developed. It can be bent and twisted to prevent your sign from snapping. It is resistant to cracks and scratches, which allows the light to shine through the neon without any disturbance. Our LED Neon signs‘ flexibility is what allows us to create almost any design. The Neon tubing will be bent by our workshop team with efficiency and professionalism. Once it is bent, the LED Neon will then be connected to the backing board.

Unlike traditional glass Neon, glass tubing must be heated before any modifications can be made. This takes more time and adds to the cost. InnoNeon Flex is more durable than traditional glass Neon. The glass is fragile and can break or shatter if it is not treated with care.


If required, our workshop team can waterproof your LED Neon sign to IP67 standards. All LED Neon that will be installed outdoors in the event of rain will need waterproofing. Our team seals all openings in your LED Neon to protect it from water damage. Indoor signs that may be in direct contact with water are also waterproof able, depending on the location and circumstances.

The LED Neon can withstand rain and keep your business lit in any weather.


Our LED Neon signs are also safe to handle. Our LED Neon sign is safer than traditional Neon, which can shatter and cause injury if it breaks. The surface of the polymer tubing will not burn you or electrocute if touched. All signs comply with international standards.

The LED Neon sign is extremely durable and has a guaranteed life expectancy of 100,000 hours. This makes it the most popular form of illuminated signage.

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