Neon Sign Care and Maintenance Tips

Neon signs are a popular choice because they draw attention to businesses and add a personal touch to interior spaces. They are long-lasting and easy to maintain. But not everyone is familiar with proper custom neon sign maintenance and care. We are here to help you make sure your custom neon sign brightens your life for many years.

Keep it clean

Although it may seem obvious that neon sign care is the most important, it is vital to ensure your sign remains clean. If neon signs become dirty, they lose their brightness and look uninviting. Unplugging your neon sign is the first step in cleaning it. They don’t get too hot, but that doesn’t make them safe to handle. If you aren’t careful, their transformer could give you a severe shock. To remove as much dust as possible, use a vacuum that has a brush attachment. Next, use a soft cloth or nylon brush to clean the tubes. A paintbrush is a great tool to get into those difficult-to-reach places if you are looking for a more thorough job. You may need to work harder depending on where your sign is located. It can collect grease if it is near a grill. It can also become stained with nicotine stains if it is near a smoker’s area. You can remove these stains by using an ammonia-based cleaner. You don’t want the tubes to be broken if you clean them too vigorously. Finally, rinse the cleanser off with water and then plug your sign in again!

Keep bugs away

The next tip for neon signs care and maintenance focuses on outdoor signs. Brightly colored neon tubes are a great way to attract insects. You will need to clean up more signs if you have pest problems. You don’t want them blocking your view! To keep the bugs away, you can install some bug zappers and traps on your property. Make sure to place them close to the source of the insects. Mosquitos, for example, will likely be attracted to drainage ditches. These measures will help to keep them away.

Do Not Unplug Your Sign

It doesn’t matter if you believe it or not, it is better to leave your sign on and plugged in. If you are not cleaning it or fixing it, it will cause more damage to the transformer than if it is left on. Neon is extremely efficient so it won’t cost much. A custom neon sign can be run for about 20 cents per hour. They don’t get too hot so they are not dangerous.

These are the top tips to ensure your neon sign lasts a lifetime. These are the best tips to ensure your custom neon sign lasts a lifetime. You can find a great selection of neon signs here. We recommend that you hire a professional to repair your sign if it seems to be inoperable.

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